Bio-Peptide Ltd is a global diversified healthcare company that develops, manufactures and markets hormonal based products (API) and peptides. These products are used by medical research laboratories.

Currently Bio-Peptide Ltd is rated as the fastest growing pharmaceutical organization. The vision that it has believed in "to Save Lives Through Life Saving Drugs" has earned it tremendous goodwill of being a respected and reputed name.

As a global healthcare company operating in more than 30 countries, Bio-Peptide Ltd recognizes the importance of adhering to a common set of ethics and compliance policies and values that are clearly communicated and understood companywide.

Bio-Peptide Ltd continues its long-established commitment to operating ethically and acting with integrity across its global operations. The company manages a broad range of programs and promotes activities that equip all employees to make good decisions about appropriate behaviors in the markets in which they operate.

Working closely with operating and legal teams based regionally in Bio-Peptide Ltd's businesses, the Ethics and Compliance function ensures that Bio-Peptide Ltd's actions adhere to applicable laws and to company policies. The organization offers numerous channels to educate and counsel employees as well as confidential avenues to report any alleged violations of law and policy, which it investigates promptly and reports to senior management as appropriate.

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